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Saturday's Cupcake Menu

  • Thin Mint

    Both mildly mint and chocolate mint cake with chunks of Thin Mint Cookies and a cookie crust. Topped with mint butter cream with a Thin Mint!

    Twisted Love

    Red velvet cake swirled with vanilla cake, topped with cream cheese frosting, red velvet crumbs and a red buttercream rose


    Vanilla and chocolate swirled cake filled with peanuts and caramel, frosted in caramel buttercream, drizzled with caramel and topped with a slice of real Snickers candy!

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

    Deep south chocolate cake with a peanut butter cup baked inside, topped with creamy peanut butter frosting and mini peanut butter cups

    flavor of the month
    Breakfast In Bed

    Maple Cinnamon cupcake swirled with peanuts and filled with cinnamon buttercream, Topped with White chocolate ganache and garnished with chopped peanuts.


    Southern style carrot cake loaded with fresh pineapple and topped with cream cheese frosting


    Vanilla cake with creamy vanilla bean buttercream and rock sugar sprinkles.


    Fresh strawberry cake with a strawberry buttercream

    Red Velvet

    Southern red velvet cake topped with silky cream cheese frosting and red velvet crumbs.

    Gluten Friendly Red Velvet

    Sweet red velvet cupcake with creamy cream cheese frosting

    Salted Vanilla Caramel

    A light Vanilla cake filled with caramel sauce and frosted with Vanilla Buttercream. Drizzled with Caramel sauce, sprinkled with salt and topped with a candy caramel.

    Death by Chocolate

    Light and moist chocolate cake swirled with miniature chocolate chips topped with rich chocolate buttercream frosting and mini chocolate chips.


    Death by chocolate cake marbled with classic vanilla cake, topped with rich chocolate mousse and dipped in chocolate ganache.

Disclaimer: Cute Cakes is not a Nut Free or Gluten Free Environment. If you have a food allergy of any type, we kindly suggest that you refrain from consuming our products as they may have come in contact, or contain, allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy and wheat.