Custom Cupcakes & Dessert Bar

No matter what size your celebration, Cute Cakes can help you celebrate in a sweet way! Sometimes variety and ease of service is a very important factor in deciding upon your centerpiece dessert, and our consultants can help you make decisions based on your style of party, as well as your budget.

Standard or mini cupcakes, in a variety of flavors, is an excellent choice for most occasions... whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal affair. If a wider variety is what you are after, consider a customized dessert bar! Our sturdy dessert towers and display pieces help to create a dramatic display, and also offer easy access for guests to come and grab.

Dessert Bar Set Up: $40.00 (On client serving pieces)

Rental Items: Available Upon Request

Delivery: Fees Vary by Location

* All Prices are by the dozen unless otherwise specified.
* Custom order dessert bars items require a 2 dozen minimum order.
* Most custom items require at least 7-10 days notice

We suggest 3-4 pieces per guest when ordering mini dessert items.


Prices shown per dozen

Base / Custom
Dipped Oreos........ / $22.00/dz
Mini Cookies (2" Diameter)$16.50/dz / ........
Large Cookies (3-4" Diameter)$22.00/dz / ........
Sweet Georgia (2" Diameter)$14.00/dz / ........
Sweet Georgia (3" Rectangle w/ Chocolate)$18.00/dz / ........
Mini Macarons (1.5" Diameter)$22.00/dz / ........
*Custom Macarons (3" Diameter)........ / $30.00/dz

Cookie Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Cowboy, Energy Cookie, Peanut Butter, Sugar


Prices shown per dozen

Base / Custom
*Caramel Apples$60.00/dz / $83.00/dz
*Candy Apples$72.00/dz / $94.00/dz
Fruit Skewers (5-6 pieces)$27.00/dz / ........
Chocolate Fruit Skewers$30.00/dz / ........
Chocolate Covered Strawberries$24.00/dz / $30.00/dz
Mini Fruit Tarts$32.00/dz / ........
Mini Lemon Tart$28.00/dz / ........

Cake Truffles

Prices shown per dozen

Base / Custom
Truffle Pops$28.00/dz / $38.00/dz
*Upside-Down Truffle Pops$24.00/dz / $34.00/dz
Mini Truffle Pops$15.00/dz / $22.00/dz
Bride & Groom Pops$5.50/dz / $60.00/dz
Cake Truffles/Fudgies$22.00/dz / $32.00/dz


Prices shown per dozen

Base Price
Single Serve Pies (4" Diameter)$46.00/dz
Fruit Turnovers$38.00/dz
Fruit Popovers$30.00/dz
Pie in a Jar$45.00/dz


Prices shown per dozen

Base / Custom
4" Mini Bundts$40.00/dz / ........
Trifles$30.00/dz / ........
Petit Mouse Cakes$70.00/dz / ........
Mini Cupcakes$22.00/dz / ........
Cake in a Jar$45.00/dz / $54.00 fruit


Prices shown per dozen

Base / Custom
Standard Creams Puffs$33.00/dz / ........
Mini Cream Puffs$15.00/dz / ........
Cream Cheese Brownies$20.00/dz / ........
Brownie Bites (1" x 2")$12.00/dz / ........
Lemon Bar Bites (1" x 2")$12.00/dz / ........
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels$18.00/dz / 24.00/dz
Cheesecake Bites$18.00/dz / $28.00/dz fresh fruit
Mini Eclairs$12.50/dz / $30.00/dz
Standard Eclairs$52.00/dz / ........
Cake Donuts$14.00/dz / ........
Donut Holes$8.00/dz / ........

Dessert Bar Packages - Easy & Delicious


3 dz Brownie Bites4 dz Mini Cookies
7 dz Mini Cupcakes3 dz Standard Cream Puffs
4 dz Fruit Tarts4 dz Mini Macaroons

Total: $571.00

75-100 Guest
25 Dozen Pieces

Simply Delicious!

7 dz Mini Cupcake5 dz Mini Fruit Tarts
3 dz Mini Eclairs4 dz Single Serve Pies
2 dz Trifles4 dz Cheesecake Bites
(Fresh Fruit)

Total: $817.50


4 dz Brownie Bites6 dz Mini Cookies
15 dz Mini Cupcakes4 dz Lemon Bar Bites
4 dz Fruit Tarts6 dz Mini Macaroons
6 dz Cheesecake Bites5 dz Trifles

Total: $1,043.00

150-175 Guest
50 Dozen Pieces

Simply Delicious!

16 dz Mini Cupcake8 dz Fruit Tarts
6 dz Mini Eclairs8 dz Single Serve Pies
6 dz Fruit Skewers (with Chocolate)
2 dz Cheesecake Bites (Fresh Fruit)

Total: $1,399.00


5 dz Brownie Bites8 dz Mini Cookies
16 dz Mini Cupcakes8 dz Mini Macaroons
8 dz Fruit Tarts8 dz Mini Macaroons
8 dz Cheesecake Bites
8 dz Chocolate Strawberries

Total: $1,372.00

200-250 Guest
66 Dozen Pieces

Simply Delicious!

20 dz Mini Cupcake10 dz Mini Fruit Tarts
6 dz Mini Eclairs10 dz Single Serve Pies
6 dz Trifles4 dz Custom Macaroons
6 dz Cheesecake Bites (Fresh Fruit)

Total: $1,763.00

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