The Cute Cake Story

Cake Artist, Jill Reilly

It all began in a country kitchen in Southern Virginia, where a little girl named Jill sat watching her grandmother painstakingly place dried fruits on wine-soaked fruitcakes, grate fresh coconut for the Easter cake, and carefully fill the insides of the freshly baked cream puffs. It didn’t really matter what dessert she was making – it was the process that intrigued the little girl. the attention that her grandmother gave to each small detail and the tireless instruction that accompanied her work. And when the dessert was done, it was more than fabulous. It not only looked beautiful and tasted wonderful… but it was comforting. The love that went into making it seemed to ooze out like the warm custard filling!


Many years have gone by. The patient grandmother has passed on, and the little girl has children of her own, but the lessons from that southern kitchen are being passed on today in her own home. She learned that baking good things to eat was about more than feeding the hungry supper crowd. It’s about showing love for your family, about bringing comfort to those who need it, and about using your gifts and talents to make other people happy.


Jill loves what she does. As the owner of two successful small businesses, this artist by trade has learned that her talent isn’t one-dimensional, but crosses over from the drawing board to the kitchen table. While JP Graphics, a business offering advertising and architectural illustrations to homeowners, builders and real estate professionals, requires her to use precise artistic skill, Cute Cakes allows her the freedom to be completely creative, and to pass along to her young (and not so young) students the joy of being “Artists in the Kitchen.”


Cute Cakes is about celebrations. It’s about family moments. It may be your child’s birthday, a special dinner party, a wedding or a baptism. Perhaps it’s just a Thursday night and your entire family can sit down to supper together! For today’s busy family, that’s certainly reason to celebrate! Cute Cakes is about enjoying those moments. Whether it’s creating a delicious cake that you can enjoy or teaching your child’s party guests how to frost and decorate their very own cake, Jill loves being a part of your special moments. And her hope is that the love that she puts into her work will ooze out, just like her grandmothers warm custard filling, adding a bit of sweetness to your celebration!


Jill Reilly and her husband David live in the Sabre Springs area of San Diego, CA. They have three beautiful children, Allie, Conner and Georgia, and enjoy the company of their two Great Danes, and Maine Coon kitties. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a BA degree in Advertising Design.

Awards for 2016